Why It Pays to Work With a Private Mortgage Broker

One has to be resourceful to invest in real estate. More often than not, coming up with the entire capital investment by themselves is challenging for investors. In addition to the huge financial risk one would carry by investing with 100% of their personal funds, self-funding would limit an investor’s expansion potential. These are the primary reasons why investors are always on the lookout for affordable financing avenues. While new investors may consider their bank to be the best source of affordable capital, private mortgage brokers often outperform their traditional counterparts by miles. Let’s find out what makes private brokers the ideal choice for seasoned investors.

Mortgage brokers work on your behalf
Unlike financial institutions like banks, private brokers work on your behalf. There are dozens of financial products in the market, but the banking official at your bank will only offer their own mortgage products. Your private mortgage broker, on the contrary, has access to multiple lenders and dozens of mortgage products. He would find out the most competitive mortgage for you, and often negotiate different expenses on your behalf.

Brokers are paid by the lenders
Mortgage facilitators partner with multiple lenders on a lender-based compensation model, which means their paycheck comes out of the lender’s pocket. Although some brokers may charge from the clients as well, so make sure to inquire about their charges. Do understand that these charges may vary depending on the local market. For instance, markets with high-value properties have a small percentage fee, 0.50% to 1%, whereas affordable or comparatively cheaper markets might see charges of up to 2.75%.

Mortgage brokers can find loans for investors with less-than-perfect credit score
Stringent lending criteria deprive investors of real estate investing opportunities. Private brokers work with a multitude of lenders, including ones that offer loans to investors with lower credit scores. Additionally, your mortgage broker puts your benefits first, finding lenders with the most competitive rates and best financing structure.

Mortgage brokers are experts of their field
Unlike traditional bank employees, private brokers have a better idea of the local market. They have to remain competitive to survive in the market. When working with a private broker, ask them about their qualifications, and choose accordingly.

Mortgage brokers can save you time and legwork
Real estate investing could be confusing for first-time investors, considering a large amount of paperwork and legwork it takes to process a loan. Mortgage brokers, thanks to their network, can reduce the processing time by working with flexible lenders, or at the least, can do the leg work for you. They are well-versed with the required paperwork, follow-up schedule, and other lending requirements the borrower must fulfill. Having a competitive broker will lower your anxiety and smoothen the entire process.

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